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As a youngster growing up in Chicago, I used to look forward to the summer  and vacationing with my family. We never went very far from home, but it was always a fun time no matter where we went nor who was with us. We always made new friends, and saw many exciting places. As I got older we visited Florida and went to the amusement parks. in Orlando. My favorite place is Epcot. After I married, we decided to move to the Orlando area. Now I can enjoy the parks as often as I am able to get there.


Moving to the Orlando area brought delightful new surroundings and a few challenges. Warm weather and no snow to shovel is such a great feeling. Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” and the summers are sure proof of that. One can enjoy outdoor activities year round.

Being close to the amusement parks, we visited them quite frequently. Of course, Epcot at Disney World is my favorite!


Being an UBER driver I get to take people from all over the world to the parks. It is so uplifting to tell them different things about each of the parks and to answer their questions if I can. But, there are other parks here as well. Universal and Sea World are near by.

Traveling to Lakeland there is the Lego Land theme park and it has a huge display of legos that you can use and build some amazing things. Continuing south, Tampa has Busch Gardens which is a pleasant park to visit, too.


For those wanting to sun bathe, Cocoa Beach is the place to go. You can surf and swim or just soak up the sun on a beach towel.

We have some of the most beautiful accommodations anyone could want, with many price ranges.  Having worked in the hospitality industry I can vouch for the fact that Floridians are a very friendly and happy bunch of people.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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