Fun With Lego Model Kits

My family grew up playing with legos. We used loose ones making small articles. As we grew older, the items we built got bigger.

When I had children, I used the legos to keep the them entertained and quiet. My son is a Star Wars fan and now his house looks like a Star Wars museum. The lego company has invented the greatest product and the legos entertain the kids for hours.Woody from Toy Story

My grandson built a life-sized Disney character of “Woody”.

My son has many small Star Wars characters, but some of his more ambitious accomplishments is tackling the X-Wing Starfighter and the Star Destroyer.

I found that * has the best selection of lego kits and they are rarely out of stock. Because you can purchase loose pieces it is always good to keep some handy just in case you need them.

Amazon has a variety of lego kits suitable of all ages and all Disney characters along with Star Wars characters and space ships like this one below. Kits come in a wide range of prices.


Star Wars, Star Destroyer


I have a beautiful Hogwarts Castle. These larger models are very time-consuming to build, but it is so worth it once they are finished.

This is my masterpiece! It took me a long time to put this one together, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I receive compliments every time someone comes in the house. Wish I lived there! If you are a Harry Potter fan, you may want to invest in the time to put one of these together for yourself. * has many styles available for you to purchase. They have so many choices it is a challenge to decide which one to get.


Harry Potter's Hogwarts Castle

I can’t think of a better way to keep the kids busy and staying out of trouble.

Legos sells all kinds of different pieces and colors so we have used them, too, making our own creations. The kids get an idea for something and start putting pieces together. Sometimes it is very surprising to see what they come up with when the object is completed.

To me, this is the best way to spend an afternoon and the kits come in all price ranges, some are not too expensive. I find Amazon to have the best selection of kits for us, hope you do, too.

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