UPDATE       Today, August 29, 2019 has finally arrived. The day all the STAR WARS fans have been waiting for. It seems like it took forever to g
After completing the four amusement parks in Orlando, Disney decided to journey into another direction and started a cruise line. If you are planni
    Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando is the last of the four Disney Parks we will visit. Hope you are up for it and not too exhauste
Fun With Lego Model Kits My family grew up playing with legos. We used loose ones making small articles. As we grew older, the items we built got big
Here we are at the third Theme Park built at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. Disney World Studios Attractions opened on May 1, 1989, in the beautiful ci
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While on vacation going to Disney World Epcot in Orlando is like taking a quick tour around the world. There are several rides that offer thrills and
Coming to Orlando on vacation is the thrill of a lifetime. There is so much to do here that spending two weeks is just enough time to scratch the surf
Although SeaWorld has no hotels to call their own as Disney World and Universal Studios do, there are many hotels near SeaWorld in Orlando offering a
Located in close proximity to Universal Studios are the Resorts/Hotels famous for the landscape and eye appealing architecture. Selecting the best Uni